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Re: Can you have 2 tape libraries on a single host?

Going back to the original topic, rather than the license thoughts.

We have two silos attached to all of our storage nodes through a SAN. One of our main requirements of doing this is to make sure that a complete backup must go into one of the silos, even though the storage node is the same.

Those of you who are aware of our site will recognise our tag line "location location" - say its about time that was mentioned within the Community Network!

Is this important to you? If not then don't worry about it.

But to us, our SAN covers 2 buildings and each building has one of the silos in it. Thus making sure that a backup is entirely stored within one silo is extremely important. i.e. if a backup is split between silos/buildings, and we were to lose the silo/building, we would not be able to do a recovery.

It is worth thinking about.


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