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Cannot Open NMSQL on W2008 server


I'm running NetWorker version 7.5.2 on NetWorker server and clients.

NetWorker server is windows 2008 R2, We have been migrating all our servers to windows 2008 OS as well.

I have installed 7.5.2 and NMSQL version 5.2 on most of the servers that have been migrated to W2008 already and backups have been running fine.

I have stumbled accross 1 problem on 2 of the Windows 2008 clients.

When trying to open the NMSQL on the client server it  does not open and shows a small window with a red x in it - no error message.

the backups were also failing due to this, I managed to get the SQL backups working again by doing a repair installation.

however the NMSQL still cannot open on one of the servers.

anyone fimiliair with this error ?


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Re: Cannot Open NMSQL on W2008 server

Hi there

I had same problem with NMSQL 5.2 and just upgraded to NMSQL 5.2.2.

After that it works but might give you other error messages. Trying to figure out the problem on those still.

- Tomi