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Consolidation of multiple datazones

I currently manage 15 data zones but would like to consolidate.

I want all of the sites managed by one server that would connect to a storage node at each site and perform the backups to a local device.

Is it possible to take the indexes etc (all of the backup history) and import it to a central management server.

I plan to stop the backup server software on the local boxes but leave them running as a storage node

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Re: Consolidation of multiple datazones

No, you can't do that.  Depending on your setup and resource, you can deploy VM based storage nodes and leave old servers to be active until all save sets are not gone.  If using DD, you can also add "old" devices to new server (but you will need to scan it - you just need to use same access path) - once those are expired you can remove devices (NSR) and mtrees by old servers (DD) - given that you now use new devices under mtree name of new server consolidating old ones.

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