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Consolidation saveset aborts when .. ?

From Admin Guide 7.6

"Note: Renamed or deleted directories cannot be consolidated. If incremental data contains
renamed or deleted directories, the save set consolidation aborts."

Does it mean that if I had saveset "/home" and user "talicnitom" deletes folder "/home/talicnitom/adventures/2007" that my consolidation will abort?

Hopefully not, as in that case I could not use consolidation for a fileserver!



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Re: Consolidation saveset aborts when .. ?

Hi Zlatko,

Yes, your consolidation will abort, with the following event message:

Savegroup info: Save set Consolidation is not supported under renamed/deleted condition.

Savegroup info: Detected renamed/deleted directory condition for client "client_name" on save set "C:\temp".

Savegroup info: Suggest doing a regular full backup for client "client_name" on saveset "C:\temp"

Luis Rogerio

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