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DB2 NMC recover wizard

Dear Experts!

We are backup several DB2 (version 10) databases with NW 9.1.

We experienced the following:

We have many databases which is configured already.(old db-s)

We configured new databases on another host.(new db-s)

The issue is the following:


- Both backup (old db and new db backup) is running fine

- The restore is different: 

  - The NMC DB2 recover wizard shows the DB2 backups in the case of new db backups (restore is successful) (Available backups)

  - The NMC DB2 recover wizard DOESNT shows the DB2 backups in the case of the old db backups (Available backups)

- Both client and nmda versions are same in the case of old / new db backups

- Both config is doing via NMC DB2 backup wizard, some additional steps is doing during old db backups.

- Nothing can we observe in the nmc logs



- How can i force the NMC to recognize the old db backups?

- Do you often us NMC DB2 recover wizard? Which is your suggested method? (cli,db2 util,nmc wizard)

I checked the NW release notes and i found that restore wizard first release appears in nw 9.1.

Thanks in advance!


Pal Szabo

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