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Default action 'Server db backup' can not be deleted.

Fairly new to networker...


RedHat 7.3 --- 3.10.0-514.10.2.el7.x86_64

I had an issue where the partition had to be resized and /nsr was rsynced to a different mount point but still /nsr.  Once done, I loaded networker back up and noticed some of the policies were missing.  Not really a big deal (I thought), instead of trying to recover them I just recreated them.  Now my issue is the "Server Backup" workflow is missing both actions "Server db backup" and "Server Backup".  If I try to create either of the two actions it tells me that the other action cannot be deleted.  It's like when I go to create one, it looks and notices the other one is missing and it decides I'm trying to delete it, therefore it never lets me create either.  Has anyone else seen this issue, does anyone know how to fix it? 



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Re: Default action 'Server db backup' can not be deleted.

Was NetWorker shutdown before /nsr was rsynced to a different mount point?

Sounds like the NetWorker resource database was corrupted.  Please look at your NetWorker environment via NMC to see what else is corrupted.  Also check the media database to see if there are any savesets or volumes missing.  Check the daemon.raw on the server to see if there was any issues after the partition was resized.

If there was, then you may have to perform a server disaster recovery to recover back a good copy of the NetWorker databases.

If you are unsure, please open a service request so that tech support can look at your environment and help you determine if there are any issues....   good luck...

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