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Once upon the time there were 3 angels... and Charlie.  They had successful TV show and couple of movies.  Also, EMC had program to recognize peers among community (customer, partner or individual with their own tag) which was called MVP, then EMC Elect and as you can imagine - it had to change name now under Dell so it is called DellEMCElect.  That same name now combines something known as Dell Rockstar.  In short, it is MVP program to recognize individuals who are active within public domain sphere like blogs, forums, social media in general... I personally prefer forums as people share their knowledge here.  I rarely find blogs where something authentic is shared and most of social media is copy&paste based so I don't waste my time on that.  But that's me and this call is about you!

Until 17th of March, you have time to suggest who Mr. Good Guy/Gal is and to do that you need to click on Dell EMC Elect 2017 Nomination and feel some simple form.  It looks like following:


It looks pretty much simple.  I like this area of community as there are folks who share their knowledge and least of gratitude one can give them is to recognize them.  Top of my head, my shouts will go to likes like Carlos Rojas, dynamox, Karsten Bott , bingo, jbrooksuk and so on.  I'm sure there are other fine individuals and I'm sure more will pop up.  So, think about who made your life easier in 2016 and who deserves to be recognized and please submit your vote - do not assume someone else will.

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