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Did you notice that NW 19.2. and higher might set a max. retention date for a manual backup?

I have seen this first on a NW 19.2 server (OS does not matter) but it is also appearing for a NW 19.3 version:

  -  If you run a manual backup on a virgin media, its retention time will be set to the absolute maximum (NW 19.2: 2037, NW 19.3: 2152)
  -  The media type does not matter
  -  It may also appear on the second manual backup

Especially for NW 19.3 this will have a weird effect as the NMC and the Admin GUI only display the date with a 2-digit number and you cannot identify the correct value any longer!


BTW - with the first scheduled backup of the save set with the same name, everything will be fine again.

Anybody knows whether Dell/EMC support or QA is aware of it?



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same here 19.4.x , i opened SR from Dell EMC side, we'll see what happens.

We add retention from .cfg every time for logs, because networker cannot manage saphana logs like as full backup

for example;



what do you mean with NW not being able to manage sapa hana log backups? setting the retention or at all you mean?

we aren't actually using NW hana archive log backup method ourselves as it was deemed not being fast enough for very large environments according to the hana team, hence we schedule a file system backup every 4 hours and after some time (they also like the idea of having more than one backup of the same archive log files, even though that might stem more from the tape era (faulty tape)), on hana end they will delete the files after some verification that files are in backup indeed by now.

Still have to setup a test with hana team to see if they'd wanna switch to actual archive log backups...

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.
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