EMC Announces NetWorker 9!


EMC is proud to announce the availability of NetWorker 9 for production environments.  NetWorker 9 is one of the most feature rich NetWorker releases in its 25 year history and is further proof to our continued investment and commitment to the NetWorker Product Line.  The NetWorker 9 release includes the following key features.

What’s New in EMC NetWorker 9

  • Simplified Data protection Lifecycle Management
  • ProtectPoint Integration
  • High-Performance Backups
  • Enabling the Software Defined Data Center

Simplified Data Protection Lifecycle Management

Data Protection as a Service is becoming increasingly important as corporations broadly adopt virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and more.  NetWorker 9 simplifies the process of managing the lifecycle of data protection from initiation of the backup through expiration by enabling IT to chain multiple actions into policies that facilitates enterprise-level Data Protection Plans. By simplifying and automating the process of creating, assigning, and executing data protection based on desired tiers of service (Gold, Silver, etc.), NetWorker enables corporate IT departments to redefine the level of services they offer their customers.

ProtectPoint Integration

ProtectPoint, announced last year, is the industry’s first and only storage integrated data protection solution. It provides the performance of snapshots and the functionality of backup by backing up mission-critical data from primary storage to industry-leading protection storage Data Domain. ProtectPoint integration with NetWorker allows the user to leverage the power of NetWorker's centralized management functionality including policy management, user management, monitoring, cataloging and reporting. The ProtectPoint integration with NetWorker will support Oracle, SAP with Oracle, and DB2 on VMAX3; XtremIO support will be added in 2016.

High-Performance Backups

Block Based Backup (BBB) for Microsoft Windows environments was introduced in NetWorker 8.1 and has since enjoyed broad adoption as customers realize the real-life performance benefits of block level protection. BBB is now expanded to support Linux, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Hyper-V, providing 5x or greater performance for backup, over traditional file-based methods. It leverages changed block tracking techniques along with industry-leading deduplication technology to reduce the amount of data moved and stored.  BBB eliminates the traditional "file system walk" and every backup is stored as a forever full.

Enabling the Software Defined Data Center

IT is quickly moving to the Software Defined Data Center to improve efficiencies, increase agility, and improve control over application availability.  NetWorker 9 introduces NetWorker Virtual Edition (NVE), a pre-configured virtual appliance that incorporates best practices for security and high performance. NVE enables customers to quickly deploy a fully-functioning backup and recovery solution. Key use cases include; customers that are standardizing on a virtualized infrastructure, remote office deployments, and Service Providers seeking a more secure multi-tenant solution BaaS (each instance offers tenant isolation on a Data Domain).

Key Themes for EMC NetWorker 9

  • Scale and Performance
  • Integrated Primary Storage Protection
  • Service Oriented Data Protection Policies
  • VMware Protection
  • Software Defined Data Center – NetWorker Virtual Edition
  • Enhanced Application Support
  • Big Data Protection
  • NetWorker Snapshot Management
  • Cloud-enablement

NetWorker 9 is currently available for Directed Availability.

Release Overview – Key Themes

  1. Scale and Performance:
  • Block Based Backup (BBB) – extended to support Exchange, Hyper-V and Linux (4x performance improvement)
  • Cloning Performance – support for parallel clones within a single job
  • DDBoost over Fiber Chanel (AIX) – leverages F/C SAN on AIX 6.1 and 7.1
  • Dynamic Parallel Save Streams – ability to reclaim available save stream during backup processing
  • Media Catalog Improvements – New SQLite based, faster and more scaling (up to 6x improvement on control operations).

  1. Integrated Primary Storage Protection
  • Support for ProtectPoint – ability to manage ProtectPoint operations through the NetWorker Management Console.

  1. Service Oriented Data Protection Policies
  • Provide a means to support end-to-end life cycle data management with “action” oriented service plans for all existing and new workflows including, but not limited to; Backup Operations, Snapshot Operations, ProtectPoint Operations, Server Maintenance, Configuration Management, etc…

  1. VMware Protection:
  • Self Service FLR – new and improved Web-based FLR (File Level Recovery) UI that is now HTML5-based (eliminated need for Flash)
  • Snap Manager – automated clean-up of orphaned image-level snapshots
  • Expanded CLI – support for file level and image level recovery along with support for proxy deployment
  • NMC Integration - ability to configure VMware protection policies, restart policies from a specific VM and perform on-demand image backups from the NMC
  • Inclusion of a number of bug fixes to the VBA making it more reliable and stable

  1. SDDC – Software Defined Data Center – NetWorker Virtual Edition
  • NetWorker Virtual Edition (NVE) -- pre-configured virtual appliance (OVA) based on Linux that incorporates best practices for security and high performance, included with your NetWorker license.

  1. Enhanced Application Support
  • Hyper-V Intelligent Proxy – Support for Hyper-V over CSV and SMB3 for physical and virtual proxy node backup with dynamic proxies and proxy pooling that provides intelligent load balancing
  • Hyper-V Self Service Recovery - now recover backup data from a HTML5 web browser using an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • SharePoint Federated Backup - Support for DBA backup and recovery management using SQL Server Management Studio and backup from Primary or Secondary AlwaysOn Database
  • Seamless upgradeability of DDBEA to NetWorker
  • Recovery UI for Oracle –now integrated with the NMC

  1. Big Data Protection
  • Data Lake Protection - NetWorker Snapshot Management for NAS now supports Business Data Lake apps.

  1. NetWorker Snapshot Management
  • Native VMAX3  SnapVX technology support
  • Support for XtremIO when using RecoverPoint (GA Availability)
  • Replication support for NetApp running in C-Mode (GA Availability)

  1. To the Cloud
  • CloudBoost integration with NetWorker provides:
    • Hybrid cloud data protection – extends the strategy of an IT Data Center to the public or private cloud
    • Tape replacement for leading enterprises and service providers looking to move to a software only world.
    • Support for leading public and private cloud providers including:
  • VMware vCloud Air,  AT&T Synaptic Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, EMC ECS, OpenStack Swift, Atmos   

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