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Exchange DB backup fails with NMM9.0


i am facing a problem with exchange database backup using Networker 9.0 and NMM9.0

exchange Data base is 2013

the backup fails with following error message in NSRMM.RAW file:

nsrnmmsv NSR critical 148 Client Direct to the device is not enabled for the client. Verify that the Data Domain is accessible via DNS or the AFTD configurations are correct. 0

customer is using physical tape library with one drive connected to backup server

so ,,, backup server is the storage node

there is no Data domain nor AFTD.

the data domain check box in client properties is cleared.

when I use the wizard to configure the DAG client (its a DAG consists of 2 machines) i cannot select/deselect the block based backup or the client direct properties (because they are grayed out)

but i can clear the client direct manually using modify client properties manually (in diagnostics view)

clearing client direct is not a choice because its mandatory for BBB (Block based)

if i cleared both Client direct and BB backup the above error will appear.

if i select both of them another error will appear nagging about the library as its not configured for client direct.

i am confused.

appreciate your help .

Thank you

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Re: Exchange DB backup fails with NMM9.0

Backing up Exchange using NetWorker 9.x to Tape is no longer supported. Because in 9.x Exchange backups are Block Based (BBB) and must be backed up to Disk.

As an alternative you can use 8.2 NW & NMM client if you want to use Tape as target.