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File Level Recovery of file system does not work


We are backing up our VM with VADP Backup the following way: Full Vm every Month, differential Backup every day. Saveset *FULL*.

We are using Networker, Vm are running on vSphere 5. Vm OS is Windows 2008 R2

Last week we had a restore issue where we had to restore the full and the differential.

- Restore of the image (the monthly full) was working perfectly.

After this first restore, we installed the Networker Agent on the VM. Connection with Networker Server was OK.

- File level recoveries of non system disk (2 disk) were working perfectly.

- File level recovery on non system file on system disk was working very well.

- File level recovery of system disk was starting but after some ours CPU on the machine was 100% and restore process was blocked. restore was not in Failure, but it was soooo slow (more than 24 hours for a 20 GB disk), that we decide to stop it.


- When Networker recovery had to replace File from system, he spoke about reboot method (filell be replaced after reboot), were are going the file for the reboot? in RAM? could that explain our issue?

- is it possible to replace the whole system disk of a VM using this method?

Thanks a lot for your Help



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Re: File Level Recovery of file system does not work

Please consider moving this question as-is (no need to recreate) to the proper forum for maximum visibility.  Questions written to the users' own "Discussions" space don't get the same amount of attention and questions can go unanswered for a long time. 

You can do so by selecting "Move" under ACTIONS along the upper-right.  Then search for and select: "Networker Support Forum" which would be the most relevant for this question.

Seeing though that three months have elapsed since you posted, maybe you have already found the answer (possibly opened up a ticket with support)?  If so, once relocated, consider sharing the resolution and also marking the question as "Answered" so that it can help others that have the same question.  If not, once relocated, it will then have more visibility by the community of dedicated customers, partners, and EMC employees that are eager to assist.

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