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Full Erase

I would like to perform a Full Erase on a DLT-S4 Cartridge in my Quantum library.  Quantum refers me to the NetWorker software but I can't find the option.

Running NW 7.5.1 on Win2K3.

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Re: Full Erase


NetWorker does not physically erase data from tape. In order for the data to be unavailable for recovery, you would have to relabel the volume and reuse it.

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Re: Full Erase

This question may have multiple answers:

1. relabel - make it harder for NetWorker to read the data - not impossible to get data by using third party data recovery experts;

2. write data across all of tape - make it impossible (although CSI can still read anything ) for anyone to read the data; I have used an HP tool to do a destructive write test, before to see if tape was faulty;

What is the reason for this question:

Is it to avoid scrapping the tapes via costly security firm with certification? Encryption will help. Option 2 will avoid insider knowledge of key + stolen tape;

Stop accidental discovery of data? Send tape to vendor to test?

Test/ prepare tape for use - similiar to full format of disk? - Not required. Label will suffice.

Delete data from client file index/ media databases? - label it.

Mikey's answer is also true with the nsrstage command, as although the data is 'moved', the original data stays on tape, and can be scanner'd back in. The media database is modified to show only the second copy.


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Re: Full Erase

I have always just relabeled the tape, seems like the easiest way to do it.  If you want to give the tape the same label, make sure you delete the entry under Media -> Volumes.  I've done this in the past when a backup job would fail and I wanted to start it over using the same tape and give it the same label.
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