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GLR Restore Completes no error - Mounts GLR restore, "Click ok to browse Restore" never comes up


Image1: Recovery status in NMC

Image2: Logs presented by Networker Microsoft module

Networker Server: Cent OS

NMC: build 970

Client: Exchange 2010

networker client: 8.2.3


When performing a GLR restore It takes about 25 min or for the restore to succeed according to the log.  However, at this point I am never presented with the Window to press OK to browse the database.  Only recent changes I have made were to upgrade the client to 8.2.3.  However, I have another Exchange server same version of exchange same client version completes to the point where I can press "OK" to browse the database and perform a recovery.  At the moment it appears to still be running as the 3 balls that appear next to monitor while a recovery is underway, are still actively spinning.  However the GLR recovery database according to the logs appears to have mounted properly.  Also, an odd thing I noticed is the recovered 17G more than the actual size of the exchange database...(First image)

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