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How can i control Networker Index Files


My Networker index files have grown to 98% and it continues to grow. How can i reduce, manage or control the size?

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Re: How can i control Networker Index Files

you must have backups with longer browse policy or you have some INCR backup which are still dependent on old full backups.

To resolve this issue chose one of the following solutions:

1. reduce the Browse Policy for the client so that less number of backups will be kept in indexes.

2.  As a quick workaround, if possible, delete the oldest backup cycle (full+incrementals) from NMC > Media > Indexes > select Client > saveset > run 'Remove Oldest Cycle

     This should remove the files immediately and make space available on disk and /nsr/index.

check KB article for more details. : https://emcservice.force.com/CustomersPartners/kA2j0000000QXrqCAG

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Re: How can i control Networker Index Files

No idea what you mean by 98% of a file - I think you mean the disk capacity.

You cannot directly control the file size - this is usually done via the "browse policy".

It determines how long the index for each backup will remain in the CFI database.

So one method is to adjust the "browse policy" (for each client) in the Admin GUI.

However, this is only valid for new backups.

For each existing backup/save yet, you may either

  - adjust its "browse date" and/or "retention date" appropriately using the command

       nsrmm -w new_browse_date [-e new_ret_date] -S ssid#

  - delete its client file index information

       nsrmm -dP -S ssid#

    Be aware that this changes the backup status for this save set vom 'browsable' to 'recoverable'

Finally, you may relocate the CFI directory totally.

Just move the path to the new location and change the 'Index path' for this client in the 'Globals (2 of 2)' tab.

Re: How can i control Networker Index Files


Hope you are doing already clean up for old index for removed client. Apart from that of course try to find out highly utilize client and reduce browse policy if possible.

Please check for these below option also, I am not sure how much frutifull it will be -

1. nsrim -X

Check the consistency of the data structures of the save set with the data structures of the volume. This option also sets the utilization threshold to 30 percent. It will remove all saveset information that is now outside the Browse and Retention period.

2. nsrck -L6

Compressing the client file index by using nsrck -L6 command will free up index space as well. The 'nsrck -L6'' checks and extracts each record from each save time, verifying that each record can be extracted from the database. The digest of each save time is re-computed and compared against the stored digest, and the internal key files are rebuilt.