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How to recover VMDK with VADP to a Lun


I got a situation that needs some other views.

I have a customer environnement with several distinct windows domains.  I have one NetWorker server and several storage node that are used for VADP backup.

Note: There are no Windows Domain Trusts in-between the domains.

So, we think it will not pose an issue to run the backups, but the recovery might be a challenge.  As you can see, we wish to use the legacy VMware backup (VADP).  Since there is no TRUSTs, we were thinking of doing a VMDK recovery to a local HDD and then re-import it into the proper vCenter.  However, the NetWorker user interface through "Saveset Recover" doesn't seem to permit this method.

Does anyone have an idea of how we should proceed ?

Any input would be appreciated,


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Re: How to recover VMDK with VADP to a Lun

It cannot be done. You will need to recover that to the vcenter.

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