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Index Backup

Hi All,

I would like to know if 1 client is configured to backup 3 different savesets, meaning, if all 3 clients are in a different group.

will the index be the same for all 3 clients ?

reason wh Im asking is that we do a full index backup in the morning of all or clients.

some of our clients are configured 2/3 times because of backup requirements.

eg. 1 client will be configured to backup the DB, FIle Systems and 1 specific drive - so the client will be in 3 different groups all with specific backup requirements.

I have included all 3 clients in the full Index backup.

I want to know if I can just have 1 listed for the full Index backup, or do I need to include all 3 clients ?

Thanks and Regards

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Re: Index Backup

You have one index directory per client; if you put that client in multiple groups they will all use the same directory for their indexes.  When a backup of the index is ran at the end of a group backup it will operate on the complete directory (not just be restricted to index backups as part of that group).

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Re: Index Backup

Hi Umraan

how do you perform full Index backup ?

simply you can put all the clients in one group and schedule " savegrp -O groupname  "

-O option will take only index backup for all clients within this group , so you will add client only 1 time

hope this idea be fine with you

also if you think you have index size issue try to reduce retention policy setting for a suitable value according to your environment


Ahmed Abdelghany

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Re: Index Backup

Thanks for the input.

Much Appreciated!!

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