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Is smtpmail distributed as standard with Networker? (specifically

Bit of an odd scenario, so apologies in advance!

I'm investigating one of our servers which has a few scheduled tasks running on it, attempting to make use of a 'smtpmail.exe'. The only reference to any smtpmail executable I could find with the same argument syntax, is the one in EMC networker (as seen in this thread), and there just happens to be an installation of EMC networker on this particular server, with the 'Legato/nsr/bin' directory in the PATH. Which seems a pretty good indicator that the intention was for these tasks to be using smtpmail from networker.

However, there is no smtpmail executable in the bin directory, and never having heard of EMC networker until today, I don't know if it's something that is actually part of EMC networker and has somehow been removed from this particular installation, or it's something non-standard and the above thread is just a bit of a red-herring.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

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Re: Is smtpmail distributed as standard with Networker? (specifically

As smtpmail is intended to be used on the NW server, it is most likely that it is not delivered with the NC client software.

I just checked that this is true for NW 9.1.

However, as this is a general rule I guess it applies to older versions as well.

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