Looking to download NMM 18.2 x64


Due to our backup server still running 2008 R2 for a couple of months still, we are running Networker 18.2 on that server.

I have just upgraded one of our domain controller and would require the NMM 18.2 setup to install NMM properly on the DC.

I can't find any installation source of NMM 18.2 x64 on the download site, even after login in. I can download NW 18.2 fine, but no NMM nowhere.

Anybody can assist me here ?

Thank you,


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Re: Looking to download NMM 18.2 x64

Hi Guillaume,

the correct URL would be https://www.dell.com/support/home/de-de/product-support/product/networker-module-for-databases-and-a...

According to the document, the last version would be NW Modules - build 216 - Feb21, 2020

Unfortunately, the download capabilities are limited for whatever reason. You will only find these files:


Please contact Dell/EMC support to provide the missing files.



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