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Microsoft Hotfixes corrupts Networker nsrladb on Windows

We're having some Windows servers were we suppose that Microsoft Hotfixes corrupts the nsrladb on the client. The problem looks like that:

After installing the Hotfixes the nsrexecd isn't able to start. Only a hint in the windows event log that nsrexecd can't be started. After deleting the nsrladb on the windows client the nsrexecd can be started successfully. Any experience (in general) with that issue?



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Re: Microsoft Hotfixes corrupts Networker nsrladb on Windows

Hi Frank,

There was a similar ish post recently, but in that case the issue was after upgrading the client:


What is the hotfix/updates you applied on the client? If we knew that we could probably get to know what is the root cause of the issue, in the meantime I still think that could be either ports issue, Firewall being re-enabled, etc...

Thank you.


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