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Migrate NW to PPDM with long term tape backup

We are going to change our backup solution from NW to PPDM in next few months. Decided to start fresh instead of migrate everything from NW to PPDM. Problem here we have 5 backup tapes with 10 years retention period. We are not planning to keep our existing NW server and Tape library for another 10 years. Option here is to keep this backup in cloud using third party software/company (any recommendation much appreciated). Second option is we have another NW server in different region, so is't possible to migrate or send this backup tape a different NW server?
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I doubt that your information is correct. You state "5 backup tapes" and "1 library". Are you serious or don't you really mean 1 library with 5 tape drives? - For 5 tapes you could easily live with a standalone drive. Depending on your total capacity, you could also migrate (clone) these tapes to a disk which will keep all data.

So I do not see a problem to maintain a small workstation with such equipment for restore purposes. But I would not install another solution (cloud) for that purpose.


Yes - you can migrate NW media from one server to another. Just make sure that a compatible backup hardware is available. Then define the appropriate clients (use fake entries in the hosts table) and scan the media to add it to you new NW data zone.


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What do you mean with start fresh compared to migrating when going from one backup product networked to another ppdm? What do you consider the difference between both approaches?

How would you deal with long retention Networker backups on 5 tapes, moving the data into the cloud using other backup products, while not wanting to keep a networker environment? Networker backups are not an open format, so in that sense it is not transportable.

So either you'd have to restore the NW data back unto systems and then make new backups with another backup product of choice.

Or move towards the cloud but it would have to remain NW. For example clone the tape backups to a ddve in the cloud and then virtualize the NW (if not already a VM) and either migrate the nw server into the cloud or deploy for example a nw nve (virtual edition) and scan in the backups you cloned to the ddve in the cloud.

But with that you would still have a cloidified nw server, that would not have any active backups anymore and simply would have to be kept for 5 years until all data has expired.


Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.
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