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Migrate Networker 8.2 on Solaris to RHEL

I need to move/migrate my current Networker Server v. running on Sparc Solaris 11.3 to a new server running RedHat Linux Enterprise 7, and then upgrade to Networker 9.2. 

All my backups are in 2 Data Domains (Backup and Clones), and I’ve the bootstraps backed up in these DDs. Also I copied the /index in a new disk to move to the new server.

I’know that are different platforms, but I’ve tryied to do the previous used procedure, moving/copying the /nsr/index + /nsr/mm + /nsr/res directories but It doesn’t work.

I understand that the files/binaries are different and incompatible across the 2 Operating systems, but I had test it.

Now, I’m trying to do using the Disaster recovery method, but I’ve doubts about how to proceed and I’m not sure how it works.

Has Anyone had the same migration scenario ?  Could someone tell me which is the best/easy way to proceed ?


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Re: Migrate Networker 8.2 on Solaris to RHEL

A pretty tough task - I doubt that you will receive a straight answer.

This is how I would proceed:

  -  On the target server create a fake hosts table resolving all your current NW client names.

  -  Copy the NW databases to the new system - different directory!!

       Forget the /nsr/index directory right now - it is nice to have but not mandatory.

  -  Copy the NW software to the target system

  -  Disconnect the network of the new host completely

  -  Rename the target server so that it will have the exact name as before

  -  Install the same NW version in the same directory as on the old system

  -  Copying the resource files will most likely not work for all of them - just think about the different device names

  -  Start NW and wait until it has started successfully.

        It will take a few minutes

        It will take much longer if he cannot resolve the hostnames

  -  Make sure to get the most important resources to work.

  -  Finalize the NW configuration

  -  Make sure you can run local backups and restores

       Now you may restore/move the client file index directories


  -  If your system runs fine, you may now try the upgrade to NW 9.x


  -  Now you may shutdown the old server and

  -  Connect the new server to join the network

Pretty much things to do. Good luck.

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Re: Migrate Networker 8.2 on Solaris to RHEL

We contracted with a company with 20+ years of experience with NetWorker to assist with the same platform migration (SPARC Solaris - Linux x64).

Migration was completed in about 4 hours and no errors were encountered post-migration.

Email me if interested in the name of the company.

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Re: Migrate Networker 8.2 on Solaris to RHEL

The recommended method for migration is to export media DB(mm) and import it on the new server.

Copying res and index to new OS should work. Search for EMC NetWorker Server Cross Platform Migration guide on support.emc.com which has all the steps.

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Re: Migrate Networker 8.2 on Solaris to RHEL

The document, EMC NetWorker Server Cross Platform Migration,  an internal document and not supposed to be available to non Dell/EMC personnel.

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Re: Migrate Networker 8.2 on Solaris to RHEL

If you are a partner, you can still have the copy of the document but Dell-EMC won't support if it is performed by partner or end-customer.

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