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Mitrend Networker Assessment

Hi All,

I have done an assessment for Networker on Mitrend and received the report back.

I need clarification on the "Backup Scorecard Details" section.

Details below:

Storage Efficiency    Warning    No disk/file targets were found. Best practice is to shift away from removable tape media to deduplicated disk

Data Retention        Fair    58% of data is retained for 30-60 days. Best practice is 30-60 days for 90% of backups.

Server Scalability    Warning    This environment sustained a rate of 65.80 for 99.95% of non-idle time.

Client Performance    Warning    13% of clients experienced backups exceeding 8 hours. Best practice is to keep this below 5%.

Daily Window        Warning    45% of weekday backups complete within a 12 hour window. Best practice is 85%+.

I am looking for guidance on what this actually refers to and what the sliding scale looks like.

For example:

1. Will Storage Efficiency change to good if disk is a backup target?

2. Will Data Retention change to Good if all data is retained between 30 - 90 days?

3. What should the throughput be for the Server Scalability metric?

4. Is Client Performance purely related to the 8 hour time frame?

5. The same for Daily Window?

Much appreciated.


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Re: Mitrend Networker Assessment

  1. storage efficiency with disk will be better if you use de-dupe.  If you use pure disk it will be the same (but functionality efficiency would still be better than with tape only).
  2. Obviously they have threshold set as 90% of backups should keep data within operational backup retention which normally is weeks to couple of months.  In your case, it found backups with higher retention which might be totally valid if you do long-term backups or archives.  You will know this better.  Retention should reflect your organizational needs.
  3. I'm not sure how this is calculated, but speed depends on multiple factors (target, network, etc).  Can this be better?  Of course - much better.  Is it applicable to your environment or can you increase it out of nothing with existing infra?  Only you know, but improvements can always be made.
  4. Yes.
  5. Same here.