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Modified files during incremental backup


Maybe is a stupid question. Does anyone know how does Networker treat the files modified during an incremental backup execution?

I mean, what happens if a file is being modified at the same time that the backup is being done? Or if a file is modified after it was backed up by an incremental but before the incremental backup was finished?

I'm wondering if Networker makes a list of the files to be backed up before the backup starts or it checks the date of each file and makes the list on the way.

Thanks in advance for your answers

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Re: Modified files during incremental backup

For file system backups - yes there is a list of everything backed up, and then a compare is done for files touched since the last backup. Netbackup can automatically split the process into many to increase the speed of backup and search.

if it's windows - they do a file system checkpoint (VSS), it it's Unix - depends. Full backups have the same limitations on block changing during backup.

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