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NDMP backup: VNX-Datadomain VTL

Hi There,

We have EMC VNX5500(Unified) and Data Domain 640.

Have created NDMP user account in EMC storage and created VTL in DD640. DD640 will going to act as NDMP server and it is licensed for NDMP feature. We are using "Networker" for backup configuration and management.

I have zoned EMC datamover and DD640 FC ports. Have rescanned the HBA (server_devconfig server_2 -c -s -a) and there is no tape drive(VTL) available.

Do i need to perform any other configuration?

Kindly suggest.

Reference output:

[nasadmin@DataMover ~]$ server_devconfig server_2 -l -s -n

server_2 :

               Scsi Device Table

name                addr         type  info

gk01                c0t0l0       disk  1 053107000020CKM00131000733

gk161               c16t1l4      disk   0531140014001CKM00131000733

[nasadmin@DataMover ~]$


Dhakshinamoorthy Balasubramanian


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Re: NDMP backup: VNX-Datadomain VTL


Please Allow me to walkthrough the configuration steps (We want to make sure that the VTL Configuration is correct before we proceed further):


1) Connect the Cables.

2) Configure the Zoning (DM to the VTL EndPoints).

3) Validate the Zoning from the DD (Data Management -> VTL -> Physical Resources -> Initiators). You must see list of initiators matching the output from the VNX CS Command (server_sysconfig server_2 -p |grep -i fcp) according to the zoning.

4) Configure the VTL in the DD (Create the VTL, Create Tapes, Load Tapes, Activate/Enable the HBA Ports, Access Groups, Bind Initiators and Targets).

5) Verify the VTL Configuration:

ssh to the DD and run the following command -> vtl group show all

6) Start the configuration from the VNX CS:

# server_devconfig server_2 -p -s -a    # to make sure that the new tape drives are accessible from the DM

# server_devconfig server_2 -c -s -a    # to discover and add the tapes to the VNX DB

# server_devconfig server_2 -l -s -n    # to confirm that the tapes have been created in the VNX DB


7) Create the NDMP user account in the DM.

😎 Configure the Storage Node in Networker and start your backups

Good Luck

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Re: NDMP backup: VNX-Datadomain VTL

Thanks Mohammad for the responses,

I have configured NDMP and few queries below,

We have a NFS filesystem named "prod_images" and there are multiple sub-directories. Now, we want to backup the data in sub-directory level since if we take entire root directory "prod_images" backup size will be ~10 TB. Refer the screenshot and let me know my saveset configuration is correct or not.

Also, i observed no IOs in SAN switch ports where the datamover interfaces are connected. This shows backup is flowing through Ethernet instead of Fiber. Do we need to set anything in client configuration?




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Re: NDMP backup: VNX-Datadomain VTL

the way I understand the DDOS NMDP tape server feature is that DDOS only acts as a tape server, whereas actually all traffic between involved NW backup server that controls the backup, and the VNX filer sending the data to DD is actually going over the LAN, as this specific NDMP tapeserver setup does not use FC.

see for instance a somewhat older ddos5.0 e-learning https://education.emc.com/BRSmlearning/player/player.swf?lesson=MR-NWN-FDDOS50-04-39 Only the DD NMDPD server sees the tape drives, not the VNX nor the backupserver.

But as you seem to have hba both on DD as well as VNX, why not ditch the NDMP tapeserver setup and configure a "normal" vtl instead of using the "tapeserver vtl" of the DD. Assign tape drives, slots and tapes to it. Assuming san zoning towards DD port of VNX hba port is already done, then lunmap DD tape drives and robotics arm of the VTL towards the VNX port. That way you could get rid of the NMDP tape server license. Unless you've got a very good reason why to use it? Possible performance reasons or what? Or am I misunderstanding why you would want to use NMDP tape server?

Then create a NDMP jukebox within NW with for instance jbconfig. That way you have a NMDP jukebox that the NW server controls via the VNX itself as VNX has robotics arm lunmapped to it as well as tape drives. You might also want to zone and lunmap devices to the failover datamover for failover purposes in case primary datamover fails. Both datamovers would show the same device names if the same lunmap order is used in their acces group on DD end.

# sudo jbconfig

Jbconfig is running on host xxxxxx (Linux xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx),

  and is using xxxxxxxxx as the NetWorker server.

         1) Configure an AlphaStor Library.

         2) Configure an Autodetected SCSI Jukebox.

         3) Configure an Autodetected NDMP SCSI Jukebox.

         4) Configure an SJI Jukebox.

         5) Configure an STL Silo.

         6) Exit.

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Re: NDMP backup: VNX-Datadomain VTL

On DataDomain you will need to create Access Groups and then assign the Drives/Changer to the Discovered FC Ports of VNX. Once done then discover the Devices on the VNX and then add DataMover as a NDMP Storage Node in NetWorker and scan for devices.

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