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NMC 18.2 - I don't see correct fonts. I see stamps


In my computer with Windows 10 Pro I have problem when start NMC18.2. I don't see correct fonts on login screen. I see stamps instead of letters. When I try with another computer it is ok. The problem is in my OS. I installed Java again and configured it again - the problem is all the time. The login screen was in english language..


Have you had the same problem and help me?


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Looks like a language issue on the JRE. Are you using the JRE from Oracle or some other open source ? Have you tried opening it on any other system ?

For NetWorker related content -


I'm using JRE from Oracle v. 8u191-b12 and I'm trying on windows 8.1 with the same version JRE (install from the same file) and it works fine.

Please let me know what can I do about the JRE language or something else?


Honestly - there are so many possible error sources that it is hard to determine right away what the issue could be.

Could well be the OS (Windows 8.x ?), and the language you use as well as the browser (type and version), JRE version & 32/64bit and your locale settings.

You better verify what you have on a running system and go from there.

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