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NMC - Could not authenticate this user name and password

Over the weekend, something odd must have happened and possibly corrupted our Networker GST DB, as none of our logons worked this morning. I decided to reinstall (copied the old GST DB somewhere else and deleted it) the NMC. After which, none of our computers could even connect to the server via NMC. The webpage at server:9000 loaded fine, but once launching NMC it would give us "Unable to contact the Console server". Then we found one of our computers could actually connect, not even the server that houses NMC and Networker could connect to NMC. One we got connected and setup a new password and user accounts, everyone else still couldn't connect, getting the error "Could not authenticate this user name and password". We'd  use the same exact logon we know that works.

I've tried every trick in the book that I know of, restarting services, reinstalling Java versions, reinstall NMC, restarting servers, reinstalling NMC Server again. There is just about no difference in our computers. The one that connects is on a different subnet to the server, but same subnet as my own PC that refuses to connect. The NMC/Networker server itself also won't connect. Adding host file entries doesn't make a difference either and no network changes have been done to cause this. I've also cleared all peer info and checked the daemon log.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? The server that Networker is on is a 2003 Server x64, and the computers running NMC are Windows 7 x86 fully updated.

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Re: NMC - Could not authenticate this user name and password

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