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NML query

Networker 7.6.1 on Solaris 9.


Q1.  Can I have NSR_EXCLUDE_FILE = /mail04-data/data/mail91/exclude

                       NSR_EXCLUDE_FILE = /mail04-data/data/exclude1

in the same nml.cfg file?

Q2.     When the notes module splits the backup into NOTES: NOTES_1: NOTES_2: AND NOTES_3, how come 3 streams will backup say 500gb and the forth will backup only say 50gb?  shouldn't this be equally split?

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Re: NML query


          For your first query ,  the NSR_EXCLUDE_FILE is the File   that lists file paths, or directory paths, or both, to

exclude from a backup.

Thank you,

vishwanath K

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Re: NML query

Hi Alick,

I dont believe you can have two attributes of the NSR_EXCLUDE_File in the same nml.cfg, To specify the name of a file that contains a list of paths to be excluded from an NML backup, ensure that the NML configuration file contains the NSR_EXCLUDE_FILE parameter setting, so why you are trying to use two different files, while you can consolidate all your exclusions into one file ?

Regarding the multiple streams, did you recognized that every backup time ? Actually it is not a must for the streams to be equal, it is all depending on the performance factors ( hardware, connectivity, OS processes, etc....)

Hope that this helps you. Waiting your updates.


Ahmed Bahaa

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