Currently I use Networker Module for Exchange 5.1 on my Exchange 2003 system.

However, we are putting in an Exchange 2010 system later this year and I wanted to know what people thought about moving to NMM for backups.

Is there benefit to doing this? If so, what will I gain?

Is there risk?

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Re: NMM or NME?

If you browse through the discussions here on this list, and also on other lists online (e.g. listserv.temple.edu) you're going to find that there is not much happyness with NMM so far.

But NMM 2.2 sp1 is recently out. It's supposed to include a client check programs that make configuration easier. I going to give it a try very soon and hope it's going to be configuration friendly and stable.


Re: NMM or NME?


I need to do more reading on it, but doesn't it support using Snaps & Clone LUNS on the EMC Clariion?

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Re: NMM or NME?

Well it looks like Microsoft answered my question. There is no streaming API for 2010 so that means VSS only. NMM it is.

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