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NMM restore too slow


Our customer uses Networker and NMM 3.x.

He uses Exchange 2013 in DAG configuration.

Exchange prod database is one Tb and customer want to restore it via 1GB lan.

However the restore speed is quite slow according the customer explanation. (12 hour on 1 Gb link)

What can be wrong?

- dns is ok

- nothing seems in the logs 

- nothing in the server logs

- we dont use GLR restore


Pal Szabo

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Re: NMM restore too slow

Questions :

1. What is the Storage type for Backup? Data Domain Boost Device? Tape? CIFS Share or something else.

2. Need to try doing a file transfer from the Sorage to Exchange Server or visa-versa using FTP to understand where the bottleneck is, it may be a disk IO which is causing the delay



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Re: NMM restore too slow

Refer to below KB article, It might help you.


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Re: NMM restore too slow

I ran into something similar with oracle restores because the restore was fighting for bandwidth on the net-worker server with the regularly scheduled backups. I put up a storage node specific for restores, and listed only the restore node in the client entry.

The other option is to kill any other backups or clones that are running.

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