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NMM2012 Silent Install of GLR/NWFS

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I am Currently Building an automated BRS Test / Demo lab for Networker 8.1 and Exchange 2013.

All Software Products ( Exchange 2013, AD, Networker ) Are Installed unattended.

When it comes to Networker  and NMM Installation i faced several issues and Inconsitencies with nhe Product Guide for Unattended installation.

In Case of NMM i am not able to install the GLR feature / NWFS on a Windows Server 2012 with NMM installed.

I am using the Code below ( the Product guide was missing the "=" for WRITECHACHEDIR, MOUNTPOINTDIR and HYPERVMOUNTPOINTDIR )

But the Installer does not install anything in step to and even a log is not created.

NMM is installed fine but NWFS is not which i try with the second line. The installer even does not start and thus, a log is not generated. Only if i remove the Directories

When i later Try to remove NMM from Control Panel for a Re-Install, it fails when tying to remove the NMM Modules

  1. setup.exe /s /v" /qn /l*v c:\scripts\nmm.log RMEXCHDOMAIN=brslab RMEXCHUSER=NMMBackupUser RMEXCHPASSWORD=Password123! RMCPORT=6730 RMDPORT=6731" 
  2. setup.exe /s /v" /qn /l*v c:\scripts\nmmglr.log NW_INSTALLLEVEL=200 REBOOTMACHINE=0 NW_GLR_FEATURE=1 WRITECACHEDIR="C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\tmp\nwfs" MOUNTPOINTDIR="C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\tmp\nwfs\NetWorker Virtual File System" HYPERVMOUNTPOINTDIR="C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\tmp" SETUPTYPE=Install" 

Any hints oin installing NWFS / GLR silently ?

PS: manual install works fine...

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