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NW: Failover host id

Dear Experts!

Our customer has a NW 8.2 environment and want to deploy a test environment which is running near

the production environment. Customer want to run this test environment to test some  NW functionality but dont want to

use it in production mode. He doesnt want to use the NW software eval mode, because this it expires after 45 days.


- Is it possible to build a separate Nw test environment which is isolated from the prod environment based on the failover host id?

- What is the primary purpose of the failover host id? Please explain this, the NW licensing guide said it is used in cluster

  passive node.

- Any experince or guidelines to use failover host id?


Pal Szabo

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Re: NW: Failover host id

If this is a VM, you could easily create a clone. Isolate this data zone from the production network and you are done.

Most lightly it will not be as fast/powerful as a physical server but it is only for test purposes. Correct?

Of course it is not an active/passive configuration.

Such scenario is also useful for easy DR tests.

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Re: NW: Failover host id


Thanks for your help!

Unfortunatlely it is a phyisical host...



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Re: NW: Failover host id

Failover host ids are used to address failover from primary host to standby.

If you customer needs a test and this test can be done within 45 days, there is no reason why not to use eval mode.

If they wish to have it licensed, then license needs to be obtained.

If they are stubborn and wish to have licenses during eval period but not pay, contact account manager to get licenses where you will get base enablers, but without auth codes.  That way, they will have licenses and locked down features outside licensed ones and they will still expire (this is why I see no point of it since eval covers this anyway).