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NW module for SAP with Oracle 4.0

Hi Guys,

How to i perform a configuration in the NMC for the New Client with SAP?

Backup Command?

SAVE SET(is necessary input SAP:)?

Is there any documentation with screen shot in powerlink?

The enviroment is:









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Re: NW module for SAP with Oracle 4.0


There is documentation for the modules on Powerlink, I think you will find the Install and Administration Guides useful here. You can find them on Powerlink from the Blue tool bar: -

Choose Support --> Technical Documentation and Advisories --> Software J-O Documentation --> NetWorker Family.

Then from the Left Hand side menu expand Networker Modules --> NetWorker Module for SAP with Oracle --> 4.0

You will see all the relevant documents listed and be able to download them from here.

I do not think the Guides contain screenshots but you should be able to follow and set up, granted this is one of the more complex to set up.


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Re: NW module for SAP with Oracle 4.0


I agree this is pretty complex setup.

These are the main steps.

  • Install the nmsap software. For linux  install command is rpm -ihv "package name"
  • Copy backint binary from /usr/sbin to /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run. Give backint permissions 4755 and owner orasid:sapsys
  • Edit networker config file ant initSID.utl file. nmsap package contains sample files. You can ask more if you have difficulties with these files. There are tons of parameters. There is also initSID.sap file but usually you don't have to edit that.
  • Create necessary backup clients with NMC. saveset is backint:SID(I use backint:SID for online backups and backint:SIDarch for archive backups) and backup command nsrsapsv -f "path to nw config file" Usually path is like /nsr/res/nameityourself.cfg
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