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NetWorker 18.1 + NVP error while recovering VM using Data Domain


I have an issue currently with a large NetWorker environnement working at the moment under NetWorker 8.2.4 with VADP for VMware backup and recovery.  This environnement need to be upgaded to NetWorker version 18.1 + NVP

In order to prepare for this upgrade, i've prepared a lab environnement running NetWorker 18.1 with a vProxy deployed in an ESX cluster to do some tests.  A particularity of this customer environnement is the way they're using the Data Domain to write the backup data.

Data Domain architecture:

The Data Domain has a main management configuration with a name and an IP address.  It has also multiple 10 Gb interface which are configured in LACP, as well as virtual interface.  There is a virtual interface located in each VLAN of the customer network for backup operations.  This architecture is being used because the firewall of the customer were not strong enough to support the traffic of the backup solution.

Problem description:

When i do a backup of a virtual machine using the NVP solution with NetWorker 18.1, while using Data Domain architecture mentionned.  The backup is working.  However, when i try to do a recovery using the same version and technology of the NetWorker 18.1, it fails.

Error message noticed in NetWorker when running the recovery of the VM:

155752:nsrvproxy_recover: Unable to find a usable device for recovery of saveset 25698630: Unable to retrieve Data Domain information

Environnement informations:

NetWorker version: 18.1

OS of NetWorker server is: Win2012 R2

vProxy version is: 2.3.0-52_1 Built 1

Test results so far:

When i run backup and recovery using the management name and IP address of the Data Domain, it is work fine, but this solution is not good for this environnement due to the firewall.

If by any change anyone would have time to give me a hand with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead,


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