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NetWorker Service status notifications

We are using NetWorker Management Console in our organization. Often we find that middle of of night Networker service gone to hung state. And due to that reason Backup also remain in hung state. Sometimes it impact in production because of archive log failed.

We want to receive an Alert in SMS/ email notification that Networker Daemon is in Hung State. Can anyone help me to give an idea how we can configure that.

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Re: NetWorker Service status notifications


First of all - NMC has nothing to to with NetWorker.

NMC & NetWorker Administration are both admin GUIs. If they fail, NW should just continue to run, even if they have not been opened or they failed. The only service/daemon NMC 'shares' with NetWorker is the NW client daemon, nsrexecd. Consequently, if NMC and NW both will fail it obvious that - for whatever reason - nsrexecd became unresponsive or it died.

You are talking about services. So my guess is that you run a NW/Windows environment. Here you should see 8 services on a NW server with NMC installed:

NetWorker Backup and Recover Server
NetWorker Message Queue Adaptor
NetWorker Remote Exec Service
NetWorker Snapshot Management Service
EMC GST Database Service
EMC GST Service
EMC GST Trap Handler
EMC GST Web Service


To control that you may use the following PowerShell Script:

$command = "net start | findstr NetWorker > C:\temp\nw_services.txt"
invoke-expression $command

$command = "net start | findstr 'EMC GST' >> C:\temp\nw_services.txt"
invoke-expression $command

$all_lines = get-content C:\temp\nw_services.txt | measure-object -line
$no_lines = $all_lines.lines

if ($no_lines -lt 8 ) { & send-MailMessage -To whomever@blabla -From service_monitoring@blabla -Subject "At least one NetWorker service is missing" -Body "For details - see attachment" -attachments "C:\temp\nw_services.txt" -SmtpServer "your_smtp_server" -encoding ([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8 ) }


This script could be written more elegant ... but I wanted you to understand it.

P.S. - I hate if such 'editor' is auto-reformatting the text and convert strings to emojis 😞

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Re: NetWorker Service status notifications

The best way to find if a server is responding or not is by using nsrwatch. You can set up a cronjob to run nsrwatch every fixed interval with a timeout in case of unresponsiveness. You can trigger a action based on whatever you want in case there is no response from nsrwatch until the timeout is reached. You will have to use a external tool for notification e.g. mailx, if NetWorker is hung it obvious that we cant expect NetWorker to send out any notifications.
For NetWorker related content - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JLsVyXMyjbQ4i1NaJj5IQ

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