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NetWorker Avamar Deduplication

Good Day,

Can someone please briefly explain to me what avamr deduplication is and how it works ?

Also what are the benefits of having avamar deduplication in your NetWorker enviroment ?

What are the requirements to implement avamar deduplication, do you need any additional hardware/disks ?

Im running Windows 2008 R2 NetWorker server with version 7.5.2

Backing up SQL server DB, VCB and system backups.

1 Robotic library Scalar i2000

any input would greatly be appreciated!!

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Re: NetWorker Avamar Deduplication

Hi Umraan,

Take a look at the following papers by The Clipper Group. They should give you a good overview of NetWorker and Avamar:

EMC NetWorker and Avamar — An Integrated

Pair for Traditional and Deduplication Backup


EMC NetWorker Evolves into a Unified Platform

for Traditional and Next-Gen Backup and Recovery



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