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NetWorker - Cloning to multiple Tape Devices


Here's a question about the cloning of data from Data Domain to TLU.

Customer environnement:

  • Two sites, one master NetWorker server.
  • Four SN per site
  • One Data Domain and one TLU at each site
  • Each TLU has 8 drives
    • The plan is to use 2 Tape drive per SN for maximum speed writing.

NetWorker version is running on Win2019.

Customer is using Tag to form his backup group, so only one (1) pool receive the data for the daily, one for weekly and one for montly.

*** Customer want to do the cloning the same way TSM does it when writing to tapes, that being, to say to NetWorker, you have eight (8) drives, clone the way you want, you can use everything. *** 

However, i've never seen NetWorker work like that.  Normally in this situation, since there are 8 drives per site, customer should have 8 jobs, running at the same time to be able to fully use it's Tape infrastructure.

 How would you approach this situation ?  Customer want the cloning to be manage automatically.  He doen't want to manage it manually, any ideas ?

Thank you for the time you may take to read this,


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That's what I have done for years - one NW server/Windows with 2 SNs and 14 tape drives in total. We used scripted cloning which was triggered by the Windows Task Scheduler every day at the same time (staggered by some minutes).

In general we had to DD pools - one for the data to clone and one for the no-clone data.

The PowerShell scripts - one for each 'to_clone' device' - did following:

  • getting the current date
  • running mminfo to check for save sets with one 1 instance and save the ssids to a file
  • starting a clone command using this file as input file

The nice thing was that the CLI could fully control the process - for instance to also set a specific retention retention date (this made it easier for us to recognize a monthly cycle).

The other, very beneficial aspect was that the clones must not necessarily run right away as they were not tight to any workflow. The clone processes could even be interrupted for a day if TLU maintenance was required.

Whatever you do - may I suggest you use scripted cloning ...


Hello Bingo,

I'm on the same page as you at this point, because i don't think this result can be attained through the GUI. Sincerely, i don't have the knowledge to script or maintain that, would you have an exemple you can give me so i can test it out with customer and see if it will answer his need ?

Thank you you very much for your answer,


Look at your private mail ...


I would like the same information, please and thank you.

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