Networker 7.6.1 fully automated deployment

Hello, I am currently searching a way to make fully automated the installation of the Networker client .

We have several W2K8 servers that we want to manage , our goal is to make an installation script that can make massive deployment possible.

Until now we have good results, except that we don t have a way to indicate the 'by default' server selected by the client.

Do you have a solution for that ? Thanks a lot.


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Re: Networker 7.6.1 fully automated deployment

Can you clarify what you want?  You can configure the servers file on the client to restrict it to backup to only the Networker servers listed, but there is not a decision where to backup made on the client - the backup is initiated from the Networker server which needs to have a client configured within the application (you could script this with nsradmin).

Re: Networker 7.6.1 fully automated deployment

Hi David,

Thanks for your answer, Now I realize my misunderstanding. So, the good practise, if I understood, should be :

- Deploy any new machine to be backep up with the Networker client

- Make an update to the Networker server(s) which will be in charge of these new machine's backups  using a nsradmin command.

Am I right ?

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Re: Networker 7.6.1 fully automated deployment

That is correct.

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