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Networker 7.6.4 BMR ISO


Where can I find the BMR ISO for Networker 7.6.4?

I did come across NetWorker_8.2.1.681_Windows_BMR_Wizard_x64_WinPE_50.iso but I'm not sure that can be used with Networker Server 7.6.4



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Re: Networker 7.6.4 BMR ISO

Hi Joe,

The BMR ISO for 7.6.x series would not be available for download openly. The best way to get them is to open a ticket or a live chat with EMC NetWorker support and they should be able to provide you with the package.

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Re: Networker 7.6.4 BMR ISO

You should be able to restore the backup done with older version of NetWorker with the 8.2 ISO also.

For NetWorker related content -

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Re: Networker 7.6.4 BMR ISO

you can try using NW8.2 ISO ascrazyrov mentioned. I am however unsure if that would work.

Please feel free to update  us on the recovery if you are using the NW 8.2 ISO.


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