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Networker 7.6 SP2 and Celerra NX4 120


I would explaine the scenario for you understanding.

Cellera NX4-120 is a file server which is Connected to Tandberg Auto Loader through Fiber Channel. We have also enabled NDMP services on Celerra Storage.

We also have one Networker 7.6 SP2 which will work as backup Server. We are trying to integrate Celerra and Networker for backup automation but i am not able to integrate them.

When i Try to fire a comman "inquire -N IP_Celerra" Celera refuses NDMP Conection with Error message.


42571:inquire: Failed to Connect to port 10000 at host ''  :No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

42576:inquire: Could not connect to service


I getting the simlar error when i try "jbconfig" command for Autoloade and Drive registration with Networker.

I would appreciate your suggestions.



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Re: Networker 7.6 SP2 and Celerra NX4 120

Make sure port 10000 is not blocked.  Also, do not use IP of control station, but rather datamover.

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