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Networker 8.0.x and vSphere 5.5?


we are currently planning to upgrade our vSphere environments from 5.0 to 5.5.

Today we are using Networker for image backups of the VMs in the 5.0 environments.

There are some constraints regarding Datadomain integration (DD Firmware) which do not allow us to upgrade to Networker 8.1.

That's why we need to know if there is a Networker 8.0.x version which is supporting vSphere 5.5.

Can't find this as a supported combination in the Networker docs.

Anyone already faced this problem and found a solution or can give us a hint?

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Re: Networker 8.0.x and vSphere 5.5?

What constrains are that?  Anyway, latest SP for 8.0.x is SP3 and there it says clearly (see release notes) that 8.0.x will not support 5.5 - 8.1 will. Now, back to DD - I assume you use some DDOS 5.2.x?  Matrix for DDOS and NW (based on Boost) says that DDOS will support previous (n-1), current (n) and future (n+1) releases when it comes to compatibility.  So, if you run 5.2.x, you should be fine with NW 7.6.x, NW8.0.x and NW 8.1.x.