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Networker 9.2 vCenter plugin (VM Backup and Recovery Interface)


We are trying to login to the vCenter Plugin for VM Backup and Recovery Interface as administrator

We cannot login . The message we get is:

Unable to connect to the Requested Networker Server.

Please verify the server is running

Networker server is 9.2 version and has 2 NICs: one in the management network and other in the backup network.

We have had a lot of issues installing this plugin

First, the installation only looked for the plugin in C:\ disk and our Networker installation disk is located D:\ disk.

We plugin installation wasn´t working propertly and finally the installation was made taking down the backup NIC.

Now, the login to the plugin only works if we take down the backup NIC in Networker Server, again.

DNS resolution works propertly. We think is a communication issue between Networker Server and VCenter through this plugin

Any suggestion?


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