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Networker 9 SP1 issues with VBA FLR


i am having severe issues with File Level Recovery with a VBA (Networker 9 - VBA Version 1.5.7) Using

vbaname:8580:/flr i am able to login as an administrator (on vcenter) and also from a client as an user (with administration privileges). I can choose a backup of a VM and browse the inventory (even if this really hurts and takes a long time). As soon as i want to start recovery I can choose a virtual maschine (other destination or same host) i am using local administration user and it tries to load the local directories but this part keeps empty. I am not able to choose a destination on the target host to start and finish the recover job.

Did I mss something that needs to be changed in order to function as needed - Agent recovery on the same host works as usual



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