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Networker Directive or to Skip old files

Hi ,

Related to my https://community.emc.com/message/952857#952857

I'm using a linux as proxy to Save a VNX Nas , at least I'm testing this worarround.

I'm sure that age of files is critical for this

Networker Directive or to Skip old files, I'm counting files with a script and 23.455.345 files ... its too much .

Size is only 16GB so all Backup load is related to number of files.

I found

How to skip particular types of files via Networker directives

And a blog that tells

# save -b Default -e "+2 weeks" .

But couldn't find a sollution for this .

Any ideas?

Let's say save only files for -1moth or save files sinze 06/06/2016 ...

thanks in advance.

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Re: Networker Directive or to Skip old files

Unfortunately you have two problems:

1. Selecting the files by timestamp

    It should be possible if you use "save -F". From the Command Line Reference for 'save':

      – F file    Only save files whose change time is newer than the file modification date of file.

                     For Windows, see -t option for more information on file change time.

2. You must configure a NDMP backup.

    For this purpose you cannot use 'save' anyway, correct? - However you can provide an input file along with

    the appropriate backup command "nsrndmpsave -I file".

Hope I am right ...

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Re: Networker Directive or to Skip old files

Thanks bingo,

-F could work, didn't see it before.

Regarding NDMP backup, I already have NDMP configured to NAS and it's working but it's far from optimal, save time and reliability are poor. So providing an input file as files change unless that file tells what to skip wouldn't work.

I'll work with to options maybe something good comes .

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Re: Networker Directive or to Skip old files


None of these seem to work.

When mapping NAS to a linux client we've experienced x10 time of backup job.

Regarding nsrndmp_save -l doesn't behave like that, at least on

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