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Networker Exchange 2016 IP-less DAG configuration check

I want to see if my configuration is valid and makes sense, so any input or suggestions from those who've done this before are appreciated.

2 Exchange 2016 servers on Windows Server 2012 R2

1 DAG hosting it's own active and the other server's passive DB

Networker server

NMM Client on each Exchange server

NMM Exchange Admin Configuration tool passes on each server

Client Setup

Each Exchange server also has a traditional client which backs up only the c drive and the DR partition.

One server is configured as an Exchange server NMC.  During the configuration, Networker recognized the DAG and I set a preferred server list for backups.  Upon completion, it notified that it had installed on the second server as well.

My biggest question is, do I need to create another client for the second server in NMC?  I'm thinking not, since the original client recognized both servers and should backup all DBs in the DAG.  I selected Preferred Passive for the backup type.

Also, suggestions as to whether or not I should do incrementals with a monthly full or just do a full every day?  It's a fairly small setup with about 120 users, so space is less of a factor than quick/complete restore ability.

Any other suggestions from those with experience are welcome, just looking for some validation here.

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Re: Networker Exchange 2016 IP-less DAG configuration check

Networker NMC and NMM are designed so that the client wizard will recognize

that you have a DAG, and what the DAG nodes are.

In order for remote access, permissions during backups and remote, and proper indexing of the backup

to the DAG client itself, NMC creates a client resource for the DAG name, and each DAG  node. 

Scheduling for Federated backups is done on the DAG client, for save set

APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2016

while the Node clients are created but not scheduled for Exchange backups.

They are scheduled for File system and DR as you mentioned, in separate groups and schedules.

So in answer to your question:  Yes. You need to create (either with the Client Wizard or manually create each client resource) for DAG name, and each DAG node.

This is true in all cluster configurations, since DAG after all depends on and uses Microsoft

Failover Clustering technology with Exchange server.

Whether to run monthly full or more frequent full may sound like a question based on size of the data.  More realistically it depends on how easy you want the restores to be.

More frequent full backups and daily incrementals will make restores easier.  At least one weekly full would be beneficial. 

NMM 9.x depends on (BBB) Block based backups. 

This technology only works if you are backing to disk.

That means a CIFS enabled (AFTD) Advanced File Type device or Data Domain device.

The NMM client machine (Exchange servers) Must have Direct File Access to those devices in order for BBB to work. 

Backups to Data Domain allows Virtual Synthetic Full backups,

which means you could do monthly full and daily incrementals and it would look to Networker like a daily full.  BBB only backs up the changed blocks.

With AFTD  however you can only do 38 incrementals before the next backups gets promoted to full.

Lastly, if any BBB backups fails for any reason, then the next backup will always be promoted to full.