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Networker Migration


I have  a Networker server 7.5 and some Networker clients with lower versions. The Networker Server is running on Solaris ( X86).

I know 7.5 is EOSL . The Networker server was backing up to Tape library.

I have purchased a new Networker server license and will be installing this on a Windows platform( Fresh Install )and all the clients will now backup to DD

  • What is the best way to achieve the migration of clients from old Networker server to the new Networker server ( 8.1)
  • Any steps I need to follow to allow a smooth migration
  • If the client has to restore an old backup which was made to tape how will it do it
  • Any other issue I could face

Any advice will be much appreciated



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Re: Networker Migration

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Re: Networker Migration

Do you have to migrate backups made to tapes?  If yes, then create clients on new server using same clientid as on old server.  This will make scanner command run smoothly with new client definitions on new server as you will need to scan those tapes.  If you will leave old server until those backups do not expire, then just create new clients on new server and that's it.

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Re: Networker Migration

I would say you follow the procedure for cross platform migration (not sure if everyone here would agree but i have done this and it works), but again be care full in what you are doing. following this method will ensure that you still would be able to recover the data backed up on the old backup server using the new set up.

P.S : read "AIX" as "Solaris"

Cross-platform migration is tricky and I believe not officially supported...

The /nsr/res/nsrdb directory is a series of text files so you should be able to build your new server, stop the Networker services, ftp the nsr/res/nsrdb directory from the old server then restart the services. I would suggest you remove any security restrictions from the old Networker config before doing this then reapply them afterwards.

There is an undocumented procedure for migrating the media database from one server to another:

1) Copy the media database to a file using nsrmmdbasm on your old AIX box:

/usr/lib/nsr/nsrmmdbasm -s /nsr/mm/mmvolume6 > savemdb

2) FTP the media database from your AIX box to your new Windows 2003 system (make sure you are performing a binary transfer).

3) Restore the media database to your Windows 2003 NetWorker server:

"nsrmmdbasm -r -2 < savemdb"