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Networker-RMAN retention


We are doing a Oracle Database backup with a RMAN script.

In the RMAN script, first the database is backed up to the FRA with a retention of 1


Then the RMAN scripts sends a database backup to a Networker Pool.

In Networker we configure the retention policy to a month in the Pool where the database is backup up

Is this a correct way to configure the database retention policy in Networker?


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Re: Networker-RMAN retention

If you have NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications (NMDA), you can setup up your backups to backup directly to NetWorker, while using the Oracle recovery window policy (NMDA does not support Oracle redundancy policy).

Another option with NMDA would be to perform “Scheduled backup of Oracle disk backups”.  This allows for the DBA to backup the DB at their discretion using their RMAN scripts, and then the backup administrator schedules an NMDA backup which in essence backups up that Oracle disk backup, and registers it with Oracle.  This gives you the best of both worlds.    The section “Oracle DBA and NetWorker Backup Administrator Collaboration” in the NMDA guide describes this in detail.

If you are not using NMDA, NetWorker would not have any awareness of the Oracle retention, and would keep the backups based on the retention policy defined in the NetWorker server. You would also need to manually manage first restoring the Oracle disk backup from NW, and then issue your Oracle restore.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Networker-RMAN retention

I suppose you have installed and configured netorker module for databases and applications in order to integrate your Oracle backups with Networker.

If so, you have two ways to manage retention: from Oracle and from Networker. You need to choose one of them to prevent conflicts. I prefer to manage retention from Networker. To do that, you have to disable retention policy in Oracle (configure retention policy to none).

Here an extract from NMDA admin guide for your reference:

To prevent conflicts, do not use both the NetWorker and Oracle policies. Instead, perform

either of the following actions:

l If you want to use only the NetWorker server policy, disable the Oracle retention

policy with the following command:

configure retention policy to none

l If you want to use only the Oracle retention policy, set the NSR_ORACLE_RETENTION

parameter to TRUE in the NMDA configuration file. NMDA supports this parameter

only for scheduled backups, not manual backups.

With NSR_ORACLE_RETENTION set to TRUE, NMDA performs the following actions:

1. NMDA retrieves the Oracle retention policy from RMAN and sets the NetWorker

retention policy accordingly.

2. NMDA automatically enables policy uniformity so that backup pieces do not

expire unless all the dependent backups expire. For example, a full backup does

not expire unless all the dependent incremental backups expire.

Please refer to NMDA admin guide for a complete explanation.

Hope it helps.

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