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Networker SaveSet Dependencies


Is it possible to run some kind of command in Networker to show saveset dependencies?

For example if you have an old full backup of a specific SaveSet, and you want to find out if any incremental backups are dependent of it.

I am not asking for a manual way to found out, like look up backups for the same period as the full and look at the timestamps etc...

Just plain and simple I have the ssid of a full backup, show the the backups that are dependent on this one ๐Ÿ™‚

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Re: Networker SaveSet Dependencies

Nope.  Long time ago I wrote RFE to Legato and gave them an example how this would look like.  I even called command nsrtree as it would be similar to MS-DOS tree command showing dependencies (if you are skilled with shell scripting, creating this yourself should not be a problem).  Up to my knowledge, engineering never ever considered this to be needed.

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Re: Networker SaveSet Dependencies

No such way in NetWorker. But the easiest thing you could do is export the out of the mminfo into an  excel and sort it according to your requirement, again this will be manual work.

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Re: Networker SaveSet Dependencies

No such command is existing as I can remember.

The output of "nsrim -v -c <client-name>" may be closest to what you are looking for.

And then use filtering by script as already suggested earlier.

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Re: Networker SaveSet Dependencies

You might want to use the '-n' with this as well which tells nsrim to do nothing, just provide output.   You can also specify a particular saveset of interest with the '-N' switch.

For example:

nsrim -X -n -v -N etc/alsa


vm-lego-231:etc/alsa, 5 browsable cycle(s)

4027290226  8/14/13  f          5 files    9 KB recover

3809253529  8/15/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

4195215900  8/16/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

3977198489  8/17/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

3775958297  8/18/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

3574718105  8/19/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

3474141211  8/20/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

3357478297  8/29/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

3173015321  8/30/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

2871111834  8/31/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover

2082841881  9/03/13  i          0 files    0 KB recover


4102850602 11/20/13  f      5 files9 KB browse
3381516713 11/21/13  i      0 files0 KB browse
1687104318 11/22/13  i      0 files0 KB browse

25 browsable files of 85 total, 153 KB recoverable of 153 KB total

There are no headings, but the fields correspond to ssid,savetime,level,nfiles,sumflags(second letter).


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Re: Networker SaveSet Dependencies

I think that such is possible - NW itself must somehow find the dependencies when browsing through a client's backup cycle. So here is my approach - a 2-step procedure for each save set.

1. Find the fulls that determine the backup cycle, like:

     mminfo -q "client=<client>,name='<name>',level=full [,savetime>-nweeks]" -r "client,name,level,savetime,nsavetime" -ot

2. Find the dependent incrementals with this routine:

     mminfo -q "client=<client>,name='<name>',nsavetime>(nsavetime_full1_-1),nsavetime<nsavetime_full2" -r "client,name,level,savetime,nsavetime,volume" -ot

Please note:

  -  name='<name>'   works for Windows and UNIX/Linux clients

  -  '(nsavetime_full1_-1)'  means  'nsavetime for the starting full minus 1s'

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Re: Networker SaveSet Dependencies

This is on the right track ... sorry my query/notes are quite sometime after this thread started but...

So who has a documented process for finding out why your tapes are not being recycled?

And preferrably, a script or Excel vba, that will go through all those savesets that a particular tape is dependant on to point out what needs doing to get your tapes back into the daily cycles?

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