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Networker VADP - directed restore browse button

We are currently running Networker and I am trying to set up VADP VMware backups.

I have managed to pretty much do the test backups that I want to do, the only thing I am struggling to do is directed recovery.

when I attempt a directed recovery either from the client, or from the server, I don't have any browse button on the options, so I can't choose where to put the files. I have tried this using known admin accounts.

has anyone got any advise?

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Re: Networker VADP - directed restore browse button

From the VMware Integration Guide ....

Performing a file based recovery using directed recovery

File based recovery using directed recovery requires that the NetWorker client is installed on the VM client.


1. Launch the NetWorker User program on the NetWorker server or VM client.

    Note - The user must have the Remote Access All Clients privilege.

2. Select the VM client as the source client.

3. Select the target client as VM-client.

4. Select a destination folder.

5. Follow the procedure in the NetWorker Administration Guide’s Recovery chapter to select files for recovery and perform the recovery.

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Re: Networker VADP - directed restore browse button


The networker client is installed on the VMclient. Within client options on the server, under remote access i have *@* selected. i am also logging on to the client as an admin within the server. the user i am logging on as is also a local admin on the client.

I select the files/folders that i want to recover, check that the files are available to disc or tape, and then go to "Recover options" and the browse button is greyed out and not clickable.

i therefore can't direct the files to a separate folder.

If i just let the user program recover the files and rename them, it comes up with a message;

"Didn't recover requested file ************ "

i'm not sure why its doing this, as i am sure i have managed to do recoveries in the past like this.

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