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Networker VBA + pre/post command

Hi there,

this is my first post here.
I have a question regarding pre/post command. As far as I have been backing up with an agent, I was able to preform a backup with pre/post command, but with new VBA I can not find this option in settings (is it possible?). Simple workaround is to schedule that in OS to stop some services before a backup and bring it up after it, bu8t automatic stop/start would be very handy. I'm using NetWorker Management Console

Thanks in advance, A.

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Re: Networker VBA + pre/post command

When doing snapshot of VM, application IO is frozen via VSS subsystem (this is why many applications have their own VSS application writers).  If your application doesn't have integration with VSS, in such case you might wish to create nosnap datastore and have VMs running there protected via guest approach.

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