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Networker command cfglus slows down reboot on AIX server

We´re running a view AIX 6.1 (VIO) machines with Networker 7.6SP1 and NPIV enabled. Every time we reboot a machine the Networker command cfglus -2 -l lus was invoked with the problem that the boot time was lengthen up to 1 hour or longer. That happens on machines with tape drive as well as on machines without tape drives connected. Any experience, hints or workarounds for that consideration?

Thanks in Advance.

Regards Frank

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Re: Networker command cfglus slows down reboot on AIX server

Hi there

Wonder if it could possibly be the lus driver taking its time going through the rounds on the reboot?

Here is article esg61779 explaining the driver configuration.

Hope its useful


How to troubleshoot lus driver problems on AIX
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Date Created:08/27/2003
Date Modified:12/24/2010
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Related Bugs:
esg68798Jukebox drivers on AIX
Goal: How to troubleshoot lus driver problems on AIX

Fact: AIX

Fact: LUS driver

Fact: Jukebox robotics driver

Fix: Run the following set of commands and check displayed outputs to see if Lus

nneds to be reconfigured.

lslpp -h lus

Fileset Level Action Status Date Time


Path: /usr/lib/objrepos

lus COMMIT COMPLETE 07/25/03 18:20:18

lsdev -C -l lus

lus Available Legato SCSI User Interface Release nw_6_1_3_PM.Build.26

Redefine lus if need be as:

mkdev -l lus

lus Defined

If the user is updating or adding a replacement of the existing lus driver do

the following (after copying lusdd to the drivers dir.):

rmdev -d lus

mkdev -c port -s scsi -t lus

rather than:

mkdev -l lus

Here is the sequence to follow with the sample output:

1. Make sure the following directories/files exist:

In /usr/lib/methods, the following files should exist:






The file /usr/lib/drivers/lusdd* exists.

2. Make sure the Legato driver category has been added to the

AIX device configuration database.

This will be apparent in the error message returned by

mkdev when you try to define and make the Legato driver


mkdev -c port -s scsi -t lus

Will return the error:

mkdev : 0514-520 cannot find information in the predefined

device configuration database for the following : type = "lus"

subclass = "scsi" class ="port"

Or you can verify with the following command, which looks

up the device configuration database for our driver category:

odmget -q"type=lus" PdDv

You should see output like this:


type = "lus"

class = "port"

subclass = "scsi"

prefix = "lus"

devid = ""

base = 2

has_vpd = 0

detectable = 1

chgstatus = 0

bus_ext = 0

fru = 1

led = 1638

setno = 1

msgno = 1

catalog = "lus.cat"

DvDr = "lusdd"

Define = "/usr/lib/methods/deflus"

Configure = "/usr/lib/methods/cfglus"

Change = ""

Unconfigure = "/usr/lib/methods/ucfglus"

Undefine = "/usr/lib/methods/undefine"

Start = ""

Stop = ""

inventory_only = 0

uniquetype = "port/scsi/lus"

If the Legato driver category is not in the device configuration

database, you can add it manually with the following command:

odmadd /usr/lpp/lus/lus.add

Then verify with the odmget command.

3. Make sure the driver has been defined and made available.

Run lsdev -C -l lus. You should see output like this:

# lsdev -C -l lus

lus Available Legato SCSI User Interface Release nw_6_1_3_PM.Build.26

If that's not the case, you can manually run the script:


You should see "lus Available" when the script completes.
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Re: Networker command cfglus slows down reboot on AIX server

Well the esg61779 didn't help because the problem also exists on servers where no jukeboxes are connected.

We opened a Service Request at EMC². The problem is still under investigation. I'll post an update if we get information from EMC²


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Re: Networker command cfglus slows down reboot on AIX server

I don't have much experience with AIX, but if LUS is just used for robotic control then you could remove it from those storage nodes hosting just drives.... but perhaps EMC should be the one to say that (many years ago I was working with lus on Solaris and if I remember correctly I had to use it on storage nodes where I had only drives due to otherwise unknown HBA or something).  Not sure what lus does while you it is supposed to unload during reboot, but I believe there was lusdebug command to get it into debug mode... might be worth of checking it out and perhaps run it to see what does it do.

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